Long Post vs. Short Post – Which is Better?

This post is concerning business blogs, not personal ones.

Long Post vs. Short Post   Which is Better?Depending on who you ask, some bloggers will say that you should only write long, epic posts. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.

Others bloggers will say that short posts are “good enough.”

I tend to agree with BOTH sides.

While the long, epic blog post may get more mileage, it’s unrealistic for most bloggers to push these out on a consistent basis.

It’s ok to write shorter posts every now and then as long as they provide your readers with high-value, high-quality content.

Here are some pros and cons to both long and short blog posts…

Long Blog Posts


  • Assuming the actual blog content is high-value and high-quality, these types of blog posts will get shared on social media A LOT.
  • These types of posts are great for content repurposing (turning the post into a video, slideshow, audio, etc.)
  • These types of posts will get linked to from other blogs, forums, etc. especially if the content is EPIC.
  • You’ll be seen as an authority in your niche.


  • These posts can take a lot longer to write than shorter posts. They can take a minimum of 8 hours to write, but will more realistically take 12+ hours.
  • These are not posts you can write often… so overall you’ll be pushing out less content, but if it’s EPIC, who cares (so it’s just KIND OF a negative)!

Short Blog Posts


  • You can write shorter blog posts a lot more often.
  • These can be written pretty quickly, taking as little as 15 minutes (if you’re very familiar with the topic).
  • Short blog posts can be entirely curated content, which would be pretty hard to do with a long, epic post.
  • These are easy for your readers to digest.


  • This type of post can’t be repurposed as well as a long, epic post.
  • While short posts can provide your reader with high-value, it’s hard to make them EPIC in nature.
  • While these posts will still get shared (assuming the content is high-quality), they won’t get shared as much and the chance they’ll go viral is pretty slim.

So as you can see, both long posts and short posts have their pros and cons.

My personal strategy for this blog is to have a mixture of both short and long posts.

All of which I’ll aim to make high-quality and high-value for you and the rest of my readers.

So what about you… do you write short posts, long posts or a mixture of the two? Do you think one is better than the other? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. Ravi Chahar says:

    No one can say in a perfect way as what kind of post is good enough? It’s dependent at what type of blog we are considering? Long posts are worthy to write because readers will get attracted to the value of content and will surely share that post.
    Short posts are epic and effective.
    We can’t take any decision about writing short posts or long one.

    It’s the matter of choice and dependent on the niche of blog.

    Thanks for the share.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…Provide A Better Search With Google Custom Search Without PluginMy Profile

    • Kevin Ocasio says:

      I agree Ravi… the kind and length of post will depend on the type of blog and the blog owners goals. However, there always seems to be the question out there of how long articles and blog posts should be, so I kind of broke down the positives and negatives to both long and short posts. Like I mentioned in the post, I myself will be writing both short and long posts based on how much time I have to write the given post and how much I feel needs to be covered on the post topic.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Ravi… very much appreciated man :)
      Kevin Ocasio recently posted…5 Super Simple Steps to Easily Put Your Social Marketing on Steroids!My Profile

  2. Thank you for breaking down the pros and cons of each. A marketing firm and a business coach informed me that, for SEO purposes, blogs of 400 words or more are best so now all my blog posts have at least 400 words. I do a semi-epic post ~3x per month and an epic post every 5 weeks or so. This has been working for me. After reading this post I may increase my epic posts to once a month and use more curated content to do my shorter posts, to free up time. So again, thanks for the insights. They were helpful!

    Tiffany C. Wright
    The Resourceful CEO
    Tiffany C. Wright recently posted…Not Having Any Luck? You Can Create Your OwnMy Profile

    • Kevin Ocasio says:

      You’re very welcome Tiffany :)

      While it might be true that 400+ words are good for SEO, that’s honestly not something I worry about because I stopped focusing on SEO a long time ago. I’ve had so many sites that I ranked high in the search engines only to get wiped out by a Google algorithm. So these days I just write content for my readers. If I happen to get ranked for anything in the search engines, than that’s just a bonus. That strategy has worked out well for me ;)

      Glad you liked the post and that it was insightful :) Thanks for taking the time to comment Tiffany!
      Kevin Ocasio recently posted…Discover How to Make Money Online in 3 Simple StepsMy Profile

  3. I think looking at pros and cons isn’t the right way to go. If a topic can be cored in short post, then go for it. If it require more than a 1000 words, than write series of blog posts. What legth is good and what isn’t good for SEO are just an assumptions that might be wrong.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…How to Upgrade Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.3My Profile

    • Kevin Ocasio says:

      I somewhat agree with you Kaloyan. A short post can be awesomely written and provide some great info and value for the reader, while a longer post can be dull, boring and total nonsense. So in that sense I agree that post length isn’t really a factor on overall post quality.

      However, it would be pretty difficult to write a short, 400-word epic post that includes in-depth, detailed content with resources, examples, etc. For example, this post by Kim Roach is over 2,000 words of high-value content. It would be pretty hard to fit all of the awesome info she provides in a short post.

      As for content length for SEO purposes… I don’t EVER think about SEO now and I write my posts at whatever length they need to be to provide value to my readers and that’s it. SEO isn’t a game I play at all anymore ;)

      Thanks for commenting man… appreciate it!
      Kevin Ocasio recently posted…Discover the Dead Simple Way to Write Your Next Blog PostMy Profile

  4. Sunday says:

    The key point for every content creator is to ensure that their posts provide value for their readers.

    There are situations when short posts do better than long posts , and the reverse would be the case in other circumstances.

    Hence, the blogger should understand when, where, how, and for whom any post length would be suitable for the readers!
    Sunday recently posted…The Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide For Small Business OwnersMy Profile

    • Kevin Ocasio says:

      Exactly Sunday… well said! That’s my #1 focus when writing my content… providing as much value as I can for my readers regardless of post length or SEO benefits (which is something I give ZERO attention to).

  5. metz says:

    I deem this will be an all time issue. Hehe

    Like you, I tend to agree with both sides. Both are great, I have to be biased. They both have pros and cons that will help us identify which is which.

    Long post receives short attention spans while short has the opposite.

    I remember Neil Patel said that “Longer post usually perform on every level.” and Jakob Nielsen said “People rarely read Web pages word by word, instead, they scan the page, picking up individual word and sentence.”

    I hope my take will help your reads Kevin. :)

    Nice topic, I must say!
    metz recently posted…No more laptops? Microsoft’s Surface 3 could make it soMy Profile

    • Kevin Ocasio says:

      Great point about people scanning pages Metz… this is especially true for sales letters. That’s why it’s a good idea, regardless of post length, to use header tags to kind of break up the content and make it easier for your readers to scan.

      Thanks for commenting Metz :)

  6. The length of a post does not in any way define its quality, a high quality post can be short and precise while a long post can be boring with poor quality. It is not about the length of the post that really matter, the quality of a post does not really lie on its length.

    So whether a post is short or long, try to cover all the areas of concern of the subject or topic and don’t go adding the unnecessary things just because you want to publish a long post.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Customize your Website with SiteAppsMy Profile

    • Kevin Ocasio says:

      I completely agree with you Nwosu… both short and long posts can be high-quality and high-value or low-quality and low-value.

      My whole point in writing this post and showing some pros and cons to both types of posts is to help people who are confused about how long their posts should be and who think that one is better than the other.

      While post length doesn’t necessarily determine post quality, a short post and long post are different and can accomplish different things ;)

  7. Munna says:

    When I first started blogging I usually wrote short posts because I was not mature then. After getting some blogging experiences I am now writing only epic and large posts because it’s very good for SEO purpose and also they get shared a lot.
    Munna recently posted…Make Free Call To Bangladesh India & PakistanMy Profile

    • Kevin Ocasio says:

      Well, short posts aren’t a sign of blogging immaturity… like I mentioned in a few comment replies on this post, I believe both long and short posts are fine as long as the post content is high-quality and it’s providing your readers with a lot of value ;)

  8. Rudd says:

    Great comparisons between these two types of post. I rarely found bloggers write a very good long articles but I’m a fan of SmartPassiveIncome, MatthewWoodward and Viperchill. These three a three great blogs that constantly posting very long but great and worth reading article.
    Rudd recently posted…How to Add Simple Carousel to WordPress SiteMy Profile

    • Kevin Ocasio says:

      I’m a fan of SmartPassiveIncome, but I’ve never read the other two. I might need to check those out. Thanks for letting me know about them Rudd and thanks for taking the time to comment :)

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